Live. Work. Play.



Gunnison Rising is a place to live, work, play and raise a family in a safe, walkable environment. It’s an escape from big-city living, offering the opportunity to exhale and breathe in fresh, mountain air and a small-town environment with all the amenities to support a lifestyle most people only dream about. The energetic campus of Western Colorado University is located adjacent to Gunnison Rising, providing a wealth of opportunities to learn, help your business grow through the ICELab, and enjoy concerts, plays, athletic events and more.


Ron Welborn

General Manager

Ron Welborn is an avid outdoorsman, businessman, and third-generation rancher. With more than two decades of experience in real estate, he brings a vast knowledge of finance, entitlements, development and management to his role in overseeing Gunnison Rising.

Upon graduating from Baylor University, Welborn went on to serve in a corporate role at Jackson Shaw Company for over 20 years, where he was instrumental in all aspects of developing properties in Colorado, Texas, Florida and Nevada.

For more than 15 years, Ron has been active in the Gunnison Valley real estate market, where he was instrumental in the overall success of Wilder on the Taylor. He is enthusiastic about leading a broad team to enhance the living, working and recreational opportunities for the local community while preserving the proud ranching, natural beauty and historical legacy of Gunnison, Colorado.