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Real Estate Options

Gunnison Rising is a master-planned development allowing for various real estate options to serve the desires of all residents. The commercial centers are designed to provide walkable shopping, dining and socializing areas for residents that either own or rent their homes. The diverse housing types planned include:

  • Low Residential
  • Medium Residential
  • Traditional Neighborhood
  • Multi-Family

    TOWN HOMES & Apartments

    Various residential options range from townhomes with porches to student housing. Gunnison Rising has been carefully planned to give residents options to choose the right housing for each individual to achieve a budget-friendly place to call home if you are searching for an attractive apartment to rent or single-family home to own.



      Gunnison Rising welcomes all agents to participate in the representation of their clients to foster the buying and selling process within Gunnison Rising. Please register your information so that we can include you as an approved agent.

      Builders & Developers

      Gunnison Rising is planned to fulfill a walkable, safe and family-friendly environment for all residents that call Gunnison Rising home. The community allows for all residents to be a short distance from recreational activities, pocket parks, live entertainment and public facilities. We welcome new builders and would like to discuss you or your clients’ building desires. Gunnison Rising approves all builders that meet the standards of Gunnison Rising.

      • Single Family
      • Multi-Family
      • Industrial
      • Commercial
      • Government

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